The Yugo

Pride of the Balkans

Wait, what’s a Yugo?

The Balkans were designed to be traversed by the Yugo. Never heard of it?

In fact, if you decide to take the Yugo as your car of choice for this trip, you immediately get 2000 points. 

Watch the video and get acquainted with the best worst car ever made. Does this sound weird to you? 


This is what Balkan Roads is all about 



Living local. 

Your family looking at you like you’ve lost your mind. You grinning back thinking “I’m so glad I did”.

Cast your eye over this beauty.

The Yugo comes with all of the following features:

  1. A very old and rudimentary interior
  2. A small, rusty exterior
  3. No air conditioning or seat heaters
  4. No stereo sound system
  5. A small trunk
  6. Surprise failures

BUT don’t misunderstand or underestimate these vehicles. 

They are nifty, mobile and, despite all of the above, still driving around Balkan streets after almost 40 years.

They are the best possible way to experience Balkan hospitality and they will get you into the hearts of the residents. Open yourself up to the adventure.

The Need-to-Knows

We recommend you get to Rijeka a couple of days early to get acquainted with your road vessel.

We’re going to rent you a vehicle in the best possible condition if you don’t have one. You will be responsible for any required repairs that occur on the road and the car needs to be returned to us in the same condition that it was rented in. You will be asked to sign a rental agreement and leave a refundable €300 deposit.

For more details, read the terms and conditions

If you’re a chicken

Is getting a Yugo mandatory? No. Like we said, if you want to chicken out of doing this trip the right way, you can bring your own vehicle of any brand. But we know your crew doesn’t want to be “those guys”. 

Get the Yugo. It also earns you points unlike your car or a rented one.