The Reward

The more balkanly you get, the bigger prize you win

For every completed check-point – photo and video evidence to be shared on the BR Facebook and Instagram pages – you receive points. The participant with the most points wins a coveted Balkan Roads prize.

What's the prize?

The top prizes are TBA.

At the moment we’re still negotiating with our sponsors. Cameras, drones, camping gear… We still don’t know.

Anyway, the prizes will be somewhere in between a piece of cheese and an SUV.

So far we know that the first spots will get a free or heavily discounted participation in the next Balkan Roads edition and a goodie bag with authentic premium local products.

But honestly, if you’re in it just for the prize then you kinda missed the whole point.

How do I collect points?

  • Get to the checkpoint
  • Get a stamp or signature in your Balkan Roads passport
  • Take a selfie, photo or video of you doing the thing (or whatever you're instructed)
  • Post a photo or a video of you doing the thing in the Facebook group or on Instagram with the hashtag #BalkanRoads @BalkanRoads


  • The value of each checkpoint is listed in the Balkan Roads passport
  • Points are collected as a team so roll up your sleeves and prepare yourselves for some down and dirty team-work.

Are you ready to take life by the steering wheel?