The Frequently Asked Questions


100 checkpoints varying from the deliciously extreme to the extremely delicious.

  • Bungee jump off one of the highest bridges in Croatia with Vilis
  • Create your own adventure in Bulgaria with Nasko
  • Learn traditional Bulgarian knitting and cooking with Deshka
  • Experience the simple life of a shepherd in Montengro’s highest peak and learn to produce cheese with Petar
  • Raft or zipline through the emerald abyss of Durmitor National park with Dole
  • Kite surf Montengro’s stunning beaches with the charismatic Nemanja
  • Be invited into a true Gypsie community in Romania with Gabriel
  • Boat down the biodiverse Danube delta river and enjoy an authentic gastronomical feast
  • Zipline through the Pazin cave with Mladen
  • Discover the mystical and mountainous terrain of Kosovo and take dip in the breaktaking Blue Eye of Albania

Croatia (start and finish), Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine

  • Get to the checkpoint
  • Take a selfie, photo or video of you doing the thing
  • Post it in the Facebook group as proof or on insta with the hashtag #BalkanRoads @BalkanRoads ***
  • The value of each checkpoint will be listed in the instructions
  • Points are collected individually i.e. you can’t mooch off your friend

It can be endless if you so choose. Depending on the number of checkpoints you want to experience, how fast or slow you tend to travel, the number of countries you want to cross, you could do it in a week or a month. We’re suggesting 2.5 weeks with the opening and closing parties at either end.

First place: Drone

Second place: GoPro
The prizes are activated with a minimum of 20 registrations. Terms and conditions apply – read them.

We’re glad you asked you cheapskates! Included in the cost of your ticket are the following complimentary gifts:

  • Three complimentary nights of accommodation at selected locations
  • Two pit-stop BBQ’s with food and drink covered
  • Entry to opening and closing party with never-ending happy hour
  • A Balkan survival kit with awesome croatian things like Rakia
  • The greatest souvenir – a personal diary with the summary of your route
  • Two vogue-worthy Balkan Roads T-shirts
  • GPS
    Your car will be kitted out with a GPS tracker – so we know where you are and can text you hints, tips and interesting facts to enrich your experience. It’s your decision if you turn off it. We don’t recommend it. But it’s always up to you.
  • Insurance
  • Visas

 No. This is not a rally or race. This is one of the most atypical, audacious, ridiculous and soul-inspiring road-trips you will ever go on. We encourage the Yugo as your road-trip vehicle because this about full cultural immersion and we promise you, when you need to barter or bargain with a local, having the Yugo on your side will only help your cause.

The point of this adventure is to make it through all the challenges – the planned and the unplanned. Towing can be arranged BUT if we come out to tow you, you lose all your points gained to date. Remember, it’s how you handle the unplanned moments that become your greatest stories.

Nothing in life is mandatory except for paying taxes and dying. However if you don’t start in Rijeka, you’ll miss the kick-off and closing celebrations and the chance to connect with your fellow adventurists. If you’re renting a Yugo from us then obviously you’ll need to be in Rijeka to pick up. All other elements we can arrange to have sent to you (postage fees may apply). Rijeka is also the best starting point for your drive down the ridiculously beautiful Adriatic Coast.

We’re going to remain patient just in case you haven’t read any of the other pages. So here it goes: We can’t force you to rent a Yugo. You can bring your own car with all its airconditioned comfort. But that’ll automatically deduct 100 points from your checkpoint tally. Because that just ain’t the way we do it here in the Balkans and if you’re signing up for this adventure then why not commit to doing it right. A Yugo will cost you €1000 for the two weeks. It’ll be the raddest €1000 you’ve ever spent. IF we still haven’t convinced you to do this in a Yugo, yes you can bring your own car and yes you can decorate in whatever way you choose as long as it’s not lewd, disrespectful or breaking any laws. Find out more about the Yugo.