About Balkan Roads

What preceded the beginning?

Who are we? We’re locals. We’re also veteran travelers and licensed tour guides. And Balkan Roads is the pinnacle of over 10 years of know-how gained through exploring the Balkan region, all summed up in one ultimate road trip.

Balkan Roads is an epic road trip spanning 6,000 – 8,000km through one of the most naturally and culturally diverse regions of the world.

The routes were put together by a team of veteran Croatian tour guides who have driven through and sailed every inch of the Balkans – that’s us! We live and breathe what we preach and have insider knowledge and connections you wouldn’t even know to ask about.

How did Balkan Roads come about?

We are adventurists who have spent years travelling and exploring the world independently. In pure craziness we joined forces, forked out €300 for an old, rusty Yugoslavian car called the Yugo and since then we’ve been roaming the world in it.
With far east Asia, the Balkans and Europe behind us, our next journeys will take us to Australia, Africa and the Americas.
Throughout our odysseys we discovered that we don’t have to roam far from home to savour natural and cultural diversity, the most incredible sunsets and sunrises and the craziest and kindest people.

The Balkans are a picture of towering mountain peaks set against azure seas and lakes, streets scarred by history, hedonism contrasted with the joys of the simple life. The contrasts are what make this region so rich. There is so much to the Balkans that tourists and travellers never get to experience. Our culture is our passion and exploring is in our blood.

We want you to experience the many sides of the Balkans that make it one of the greatest destinations in the world for everything your heart desires: adventure, culture, food, nature, love.

“Join us on the Balkan roads and let the adventure feed your soul. We can only guarantee that this is that one experience you’ll be telling your grandkids about. When they grow up enough.”

Filip Jakovac
founder, explorer and lover of life, constantly in pursuit of the world’s natural and cultural wonder