The Roadtrip

8000 km of Balkan roads —> 100 checkpoints —> 13 countries —> Three Routes —> One Yugo And You

We’re inviting you to throw predictability to the wind and instead spend a few weeks following a hand-drawn map and your internal compass, through one of the most diverse regions of the world.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Make it to as many of the checkpoints on your route using as little digital assistance as possible. The check-points vary from bungee-jumping off old bridges to trying local delicacies to scoring an invite into a local’s home. Barter your way through mechanical breakdowns, trade melons for directions – do what you gotta do to make it through.

Upon registration you will be equipped with your Balkan Roads app which includes your chosen route and others, a list of over 100 check-points, a Balkan roads passport, a map, a bottle of rakhia to make friends, wristbands that grant you access and discounts to a variety of experiences, some T-shirts, a Balkan survival kit with some useless tools and most importantly – The Yugo.

Wait, what’s a Yugo?

The Balkans were designed to be traversed by the Yugo. Never heard of it? Watch the video below and get acquainted with the best worst car ever made. Does this sound weird to you? Good. This is what Balkan Roads is all about. Unpredictability. Authenticity. Living local. Your family looking at you like you’ve lost your mind. You grinning back thinking I’m so glad I did.