The Price

Where there's more for less

What's Included:

  • Official participation in the greatest road trip you’ll ever take
  • More than 100 checkpoints all around the Balkans
  • Access to checkpoint discounts and free goodies
  • Ongoing support for the duration of your trip
  • Access to the Balkan Roads app with all – round possibilities
  • Your personal Balkan roads whisperer sending virtual updates to your phone with tips, tricks and facts for 3 weeks
  • Two pit-stop BBQ’s with plenty of food and drinks covered
  • Entry to opening and closing party with never-ending happy hour
  • A Balkan survival kit
  • The greatest souvenir - a personal diary with the summary of your route
  • Two vogue-worthy Balkan Roads T-shirts
  • Eligibility to win the coveted Balkan Roads prize
  • Surprises along the way

Price Breakdown

>Participation Fee -€400 per person 

Fixed price! Including all of the above mentioned costs except Guide whisperers. 

Get your crew moving, save some money and hit those checkpoints. The more people, the smaller your costs, meaning more money for “important” stuff, such as beer and a portion of ćevapi!

>The Guide whisperers- €300 per vehicle 

We charge a fixed fee for every team that joins our trip. 

We use this funds to pay the cool guys and girls that will be spending their August as Guide whisperers who committed to help you get the best of this trip. They sit at our office while you’re on the road and send you the most interesting info and tricks about the places and cultures you pass, what’s worth seeing, where to wander of the route etc.


>Fully Refundable Emergency Deposit

A mandatory emergency deposit is not included in the price listed above, 

It’s a budget for all those rare and unplanned situations. We’ll keep it for you and use it only with your permission. If it never gets used, you get your deposit back.

We charge €200 per team

Additional Costs (What's not included)

How much extra you spend on the trip depends on your style of travel. Ideally, you will take a tent, some hammocks and sleeping bags, spend most of your nights outdoor, rush through the checkpoints and have a minimal total expense. 

Accommodation, gas, food, activities, entertainment, drinks… It’s all up to you. However, we’re going to try and average it out and assume that you won’t be sleeping in the boot of your car, nor will you be getting your collagen facial at the Hilton.

Basically, for a 2 week trip you should make sure to have anywhere between €500 and €200,000 per person, on top of the Balkan Roads cost. 

While for a full blown 4-week trip you will survive between €1000 and €400,000 per person, on top of the Balkan Roads cost.

The vehicle

We can’t force you to rent a Yugo. You can bring your own car with all its airconditioned comfort. Or rent one, or buy one once here, we’ll leave that to you. But keep in mind that by doing the challenge with a Yugo immediately adds 1500 points to your initial points tally. 

That’s because that’s just the way we do it here in the Balkans and if you’re signing up for this adventure then commit to doing it right. 

A Yugo will cost you €20 per day – €280 for two weeks. It’ll be the raddest €280 you’ve ever spent.

Deposit for the vehicle

When you rent any vehicle there’s going to be a mandatory redundable security deposit of at least €1000. While if you rent a Yugo, there is a mandatory €300 deposit which you will get back granted that you bring the car back to Rijeka in the same state that you rented it from us. Any required repair work or towing costs will incur additional fees. You know how it is, you break it, you fix it.

Petrol and tolls

Each toll can cost you up to a few euros if you get stuck on your way but remember – No highways!

The Yugo goes through around 8 liters per 100 km and you’ll drive between 4000 to 6000 km on your way.

Repairs and modifications

Treat the Yugo like your favourite grandparent – with respect! It’s amazing but old, wise but rusty. When it breaks – you repair it. Luckily every mechanic in the Balkans knows how to repair a Yugo and the parts are cheap. Likely from 10€ to 100€.


This trip is best experienced through nights camping under the stars, sharing stories on hostel balconies overlooking riverbanks or on the couches of local’s homes. This can cost you anywhere from nothing to 20€ per night. How you do it is up to you. Want to splurge on a couple of nights on a nicer BnB? Go for it. Remember we throw in a few free nights during the trip.


None of the countries on the road trip require visas for European, American or Australian citizens EXCEPT Ukraine and Moldova – details can easily be found online. We highly recommend you double check anyway.

Travel insurance

From 20€ to 100€ depending on your country of residence. Again – easily found online and we highly recommend that you get good coverage.

Getting to Rijeka and back

Whether you fly, drive, train, hop, skip or jump – there’ll obviously be travel costs involved. Contact us if you need advice specifically within Rijeka, otherwise google can help.


Don’t take anything you won’t need 100%. Take the essentials – clothes for the beach, mountains and towns, shoes that won’t fall apart, a basic tool kit, a medical kit, camera. We’ve compiled a more extensive list for beginners that we’ll send to you.

Food and drink

In the Balkans you can eat like royalty on a peasant’s wage. But again it depends on how many fancy pit stops you want to make. 300 – 400€ will more than cover you for 2,5 weeks.


You get the Balkan Roads VIP treatment with proper discounts and occasional freebies, However there will still be costs involved. Plan for approximately 300€ for a mix of adventure and cultural experiences.

Don’t forget that they USUALLY come with at least 20% reduced price for you as a Balkan Roads family member or with an extra treat or both.

Are you ready to take life by the steering wheel?