The Price

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What's Included:

  • Official participation in the greatest road trip you’ll ever take
  • More than 100 checkpoints all around the Balkans
  • Access to checkpoint discounts and free goodies
  • Ongoing support for the duration of your trip
  • Access to the Balkan Roads app with all – round possibilities
  • Your personal Balkan roads whisperer sending virtual updates to your phone with tips, tricks and facts for 3 weeks
  • Two pit-stop BBQ’s with plenty of food and drinks covered
  • Entry to opening and closing party with never-ending happy hour
  • A Balkan survival kit
  • The greatest souvenir - a personal diary with the summary of your route
  • Two vogue-worthy Balkan Roads T-shirts
  • Eligibility to win the coveted Balkan Roads prize
  • Surprises along the way

Price Breakdown

>Participation Fee -€400 per person 

Fixed price! Including all of the above mentioned costs except Guide whisperers. 

Get your crew moving, save some money and hit those checkpoints. The more people, the smaller your costs, meaning more money for “important” stuff, such as beer and a portion of ćevapi!

>The Guide whisperers- €300 per vehicle 

We charge a fixed fee for every team that joins our trip. 

We use this funds to pay the cool guys and girls that will be spending their August as Guide whisperers who committed to help you get the best of this trip. They sit at our office while you’re on the road and send you the most interesting info and tricks about the places and cultures you pass, what’s worth seeing, where to wander of the route etc.


>Fully Refundable Emergency Deposit

A mandatory emergency deposit is not included in the price listed above, 

It’s a budget for all those rare and unplanned situations. We’ll keep it for you and use it only with your permission. If it never gets used, you get your deposit back.

We charge €200 per team

Are you ready to take life by the steering wheel?