Why, What & How


Why and what is it all about? It’s all about experience and for you to feel how cool it can be to live like a true Balkan (wo)man. That’s why prepared all sorts of checkpoints to motivate you to follow that way and to exprience all sorts of adventures you always dreamt of but never had the courage/opportunity to do so. There are more than 100 checkpoints on Balkan peninsula we prepared for you. All of them are more or less challenging and adventurous. Wheather you decide to take a go on paragliding, bungee jumping and scubadiving or you’ll prefer to gather sheeps over night on a +2000 meters altitude in Montenegro without eletricity, bottled water or bloody internet. Also, checkpoints bring points. By choosing your checkpoint you’re tailoring your route. Yes, that’s true. No mamma and papa telling you where and when to go, eat and sleep. It’s all on you. We have some route propositions if you’re in lack of creativity and these ones are very scenic but you’ll free to choose whichever direction you want. So you’re free. That’s the point.

The guide whisperer philosophy


A virtual guide whisperer who sends you the most interesting info about the places you pass. This can come handy in case you’re driving along something interesting that would be pity to miss knowing about, such as some historical city, place, a group or organization or just a nearby interesting checkpoint. Guide whispering is greatly connected to your phone so have it charged on, otherwise you’ll miss great info’s. You’ll receive messages mostly as an ordinary SMS but don’t worry, we won’t be a pest by sending you non – stop messages. It won’t be more than 3 – 4 messages a day. And even if that is too much for you, you can easily shut us off or tell us to send you some more info if you’re a bookworm or just want to share your experience and enhance your journey even more.