Vehicle purchasing


Your ideal chariot will be…?

1. Your car/motorcycle/van/train/airplane
2. A rented new vehicle from a rent a car agency
3. A rented old Balkan vehicle from us for 1100€ (which is about 70€ a day for the average duration of the 2,5 weeks trip regardless of the length of your staying) – and earn yourself and your team extra points for that!

So now when you’ve read it all you know you want the whole thrilling package and let your butt and spirit be carried by some of the quaint and peculiar inventions automobile industry has ever yielded? Cast an eye over these beauties.

Follow the basic steps:
Decide for one of the three options above > Contact us if it’s number three > You rent it from us for 1100€.

Have in mind that these vehicles are: 1. Pretty old, 2. Very, very rudimentary, 3. No Air conditioner, seat heaters, stereo surround system or a huge trunk. They’re small, rusty and maybe with some kind of failure but at the same time they’re the best way possible to discover Balkans and to get to the hearts of it’s residents. And don’t misunderstand us or underestimate these vehicles. They’re still on Balkan streets daily and they’re endurable more than 95% of the newer vehicles that roll over the world nowadays, probably even your car. So – No comfort, no guarantee, but lot’s of fun and emotions – Like Balkans.

We’re going to rent you a vehicle in the best state and condition possible. You’re the one who’s responsible for all the eventual repairs on the vehicle while you’re driving and you have to get it back to Rijeka in the same state you rented it after you finish your Balkan Roads. So we advise you to get in Rijeka few days earlier before the actual start to make sure you’re capable of driving and to “link with it.”.

If you decide to come with your vehicle feel free to decorate it well. as long as it’s not offending nor discriminating to anyone and it’s in the boundaries of the basic decency.

For more details, read the terms and conditions