A bit about Balkan & Roads


Balkan Roads is a Balkan tour consisted of roaming through the Balkans with your car/motorcycle (preferably Balkan production), using all sorts of more or less adventurous checkpoints. The adventure will take place in Rijeka, Croatia from 3rd August 2019 and it will last for how long you want it to last. Scattered all over Balkan peninsula you’ll find more than 100 checkpoints divided in adrenaline ones: bungee jumping, scuba diving, paragliding etc. to social – cultural ones: gathering a herd of sheep and watching over it during a night on a 2000m altitude, learning how to cook traditional dishes like Ćevapi or Soparnik, dancing traditional dances, knitting your own personal Balkan Roads souvenir etc. The more challenging the checkpoint is the more points you win and maybe even a prize at the end. 

You pick checkpoints according to your wishes and by doing so, you’re tailoring your route. The main principle is not to use highways cos subsidiary roads hold the most of the charm and Balkan Roads sense. And while it’s all on you to discover and experience, we’re going to make sure you get the best Balkan feeling by sending you the most interesting facts about the places you pass, things you can try, what to eat, drink, while you’re traveling. More precisely our virtual local guides who know tons of stuff about history, culture, gastronomy of the places you visit will. The best part is that you can easily turn them off if they bore you and on if you feel you need a hand. Just don’t expect we’re going to baby-sit you. This is YOUR adventure. Balkan Roads is not a banger rally or a car rally or a race at all. It does include collecting points which ads a bit more spice just for the kicks.

So you’re not strayed nor lost. On the contrary, we believe that you are at the right place. There are no coincidences in life. Not really. Welcome to Balkan Roads with the most thrilling roads and breathtaking sights offering the adventure of a lifetime and welcome to the Balkans – the last resort in the smartphone gadgety Europe with an authentic sense for life.