And all of that together costs...?

Balkan Roads Tickets

One vehicle and one team member 1100 €. Every additional team member 350€ but the basic price reduces 50 € for every additional team member. Check it out in the ticket shop.


  • Official participation in the Balkan Roads road trip
  • A recognizable Balkan Roads wristband as access to checkpoint discounts
  • More than 100 checkpoints all around the Balkans
  • An access to the Balkan Roads app with an all – round possibilities
  • A personal virtual travel guide whisperer with the most interesting info
  • The best brief guide
  • A personal diary with the summary of your route as the best souvenir
  • Two extra cool Balkanly designed T-shirts
  • A Balkan Kit survival pack start package
  • A possibility to win a prize
  • Three overnights scattered all over Balkans
  • Access to two BBQ’s with drinks and food
  • Starting and closing party with everlasting happy hour
  • And a small surprise​​​​​​​​

What you have to add to the basic price?

It all depends on your needs and style of traveling. But let’s stick to a standard that doesn’t sleep in a bunk in a car nor spends nights polishing nails in Hilton and make a rough approximation:

A car/motorcycle/van etc.

If the wheels are yours then obviously that costs you nothing but you can rent a pair of extra cool, rusty, balkish looking from us. That pleasure will cost you 1000€ and you have to return it back to us in a state you rented it but there’s not a better way to cross Balkans than an original way.

Petrol, toll

Hey, we’ve already mentioned you must not use highways but since we know how signs can fool you easily just to get you to highway (Slovenians we’re looking at you.) you never know how many coins you’ll have to pay for it. All together will cost you around 500€ for a circle of 6000 km.

Deposit for the vehicle

If we rented you a vehicle you’ll deposit 300€ on our account which will be refundable to you when you get yourself and the vehicle back to Rijeka in a state you rented it from us. If you leave the vehicle somewhere or return it broken, well… We’ll talk but it’ll end up you paying for the repairs and towing it here.

Repairs, modifications

Our cars are old and rusty and can be broken if you don’t treat them with respect. When it brakes – you repair it. Luckily everywhere in the Balkans mechanics know how to repair a Yugo so that won’t be a budge and the parts are cheap. A lot cheaper from the ones for your BMW. Let’s put it from 100€ to 300€ but it’s highly variable.


From nothing to thousands of euros but let’s assume you won’t sleep on the back seat nor spend nights in the hotels. Camping, hostels and will cost you about 10€ per night so around 170€ per 2,5 weeks. Be cagey.


Not even one of these countries require visa for European citizens or Americans, Australians etc. but check out for Ukraine and Moldova easily online.

Travel insurance

From 20€ to 100€ depending of your country residence. Pretty cheap if you’re from Europe, get more pricey if you’re overseas but nothing out of bounds.

Getting to Rijeka and back

Well hey, if you come with your won vehicle we smartly advise you to use ViaMichelin or google maps to find your way and cost to here and if you’re flying that’s another story. Contact us and we’ll help you go step by step „from – here – back“.


Don’t aggrandize the whole thing with an extra tent for your shoes, a drone, a GoPro, a pro director (You leave that to us. ;)), cooking set for a five member family or tons of clothes and tools. Take the basic clothes, tools if you know how to fix anything, a camera … And leave a place in a car for a casual passerby.

Solid and liquid (food and drinks)

Depending on your needs but from 150 to 300€ in an average per person for 2,5 weeks of the trip.


They all come at much affordable price for you as a Balkan Roadster but they cost something. Depending completely on the number of checkpoints you pick and their individual price it can cost you from nothing if you hit the “Roof of the Balkans” for example to few hundred euros if you’re crazy motivated and take them all. But let’s say it’ll be around 200 euros to mix the best of adventure with the best of cultural-traditional checkpoints.