About us

Who are we you ask?

I’m Filip Jakovac, passionate traveler, life enthusiast in love with the nature who spends most of his time and earnings on discovering his scattered pieces of soul puzzle through many different parts of the world collecting them back in one. In other less poetic words: By each travel, I discover a bit more about myself. With my girlfriend Ana, I founded a team of passionate adventurists and travelers who’ve been roaming and exploring the world all our lives separately till we joined forces in pure craziness, collected 300€ and bought an old Yugoslavian car, Yugo, Koral 55 (55 horse powers if anybody asks what does it stand for) and drove to far east Asia and back. That car was proclaimed as the worst even sold in America, remember? Since then we’ve been roaming the world in it, exploring and inspiring ourselves and others who follow our adventures and proving that us and the car can endure much more than the present-day ones. ☺ The fun part is that every single time we do our Balkan research we find out more interesting and not just interesting but dazzling places, more strange people with even stranger customs and cultures which all together upgrade our Balkan Roads year by year. Every Balkan Roads is a new experience for you and a new school lecture for us. Through our odysseys we discovered that we don’t have to get far from home to discover natural and cultural diversities, most incredible sunsets and sunrises, craziest and kindest people ever. That’s how “Meraki” company was born if get surprised by the name on your receipt. ☺ Meraki is a Greek word with Turkish origins indicating the one who enjoys life and does something with love and passion. Is there anything more Balkanic than that? You’ll hear variations of that word on your travel all over the Balkans. Balkan is a melting pot consisting of high mountains, azure blue seas and lakes, scarring streets carved by history, of hedonism and spite, (wrapped by grandma’s knitwear carefully put on a top of the TV covering the third of the screen). With that being said we, true Balkan people, concluded that it would be a pity to keep it jealously for ourselves and made a really beautiful and daring adventure if you let it be that way. And that’s the beauty of it. 

We wanted to create an adventure for everyone. It can be pure adrenaline, peaceful roaming and exploring or a mixture of both. But one thing all scenarios have in common: It’s a completely unique and new experience. Experience in which we’ve put years of filming, shooting pictures, meetings with potential checkpoints, historical and interesting facts background research etc. before we launched it out. And that guarantees that we care about presenting our home in the best light which, on the other hand, guarantees you’ll have the best time picking between carefully selected Balkan curiosities which furthermore renders best money ever spent. We care you go home happy, because that means you’ll get back, possibly with your friends and Balkan word will cross the world, thanks to you. That’s our goal. We’ve created a Balkan universe of possibilities for you and you tailor your world in it. Welcome to Balkan Roads, keep reading cos grandma will know if you skip something.